5 things that take a Room from Good to Great


Every space can be made better.  A space must be a great mood lifter and not a mood breaker. It is all about what you see and how you feel that makes a space great.

The first thing that one can do to build a Great Space is

1. Lighting

Great lights are great mood builders.  Adding a spot or ceiling lights to your space especially a yellow light or to be more specific one lamps with 2000 to 3500 Kelvin Color Temperature.

These lights have a way of calming you down, bring a sense of peace in you.

2. Go for Simple Wall Fixtures.

Have wall fixtures that speak your heart, that can help you relate with who you are.

3. Remove anything that clutters your space.

Things can be good. But lots of things can mean lot of work to our brain. Hence remove all clutter.

4.  Allow great air flow so that you feel great all the time. Either using good airconditioning or clever use of existing ventilations.

5. Allow good movement space.

Ensure your furnitures, your electronics and items to have a space which does not obstruct your movement.

There should be lot of space for movement and free flow. That way you dont feel obstructed.