5 Secrets to Pulling Off Simple, Minimal Design


We all want great Interiors in our Homes. But we do not know where to begin.

Most interior experts we speak to will want to give you a lot of wood work a lot of furniture and fabric which can have other implications like craming up your space, blocking sun light and too much fabric.

Here are 5 simple tips

1. Allow Space.

All the work being done, should nt take away too much of your space must be decorated without giving the feeling that you have lost space.

2. Allow Sunlight.

Any work done should nt obstruct sunlight

3. Allow Air

The fabric work, the wood work etc should nt obstruct the flow of air and thus bring in a stuffy feeling. Many interior works invite lots of heavy fabric, carpets and furnitures there by making the place warm.

4. Allow simple colors.

Our minds like to see simple colors on a daily basis. Too much color will get our minds worked up.

Too much color adds subconcious effort to the mind. Always stick to light shades which reflect light and not ones that absorb light. Allow less variation, there by our minds dont feel worked up.

The space must make your mind feel at home.

5. Allow simple concept with less complexities.

The lighting, the wood work and furniture should all complement each other. The space must give you a sense of satisfaction and not a sense of stress.

Follow these simple principles to have a home that not only looks great but feels good too.