Why Factory Built Modular Fittings ?

When going for an Interior Decoration people think about working with carpenters or people who are locally available to do your kitchen wood work, your bedroom or your living room. However a key point that people miss is the difference between the work done by a interior designer carpenter and done by an interior designer team who built their items in the factory and fix it on site.

The carpenter who comes to your home and works at your home is capable to do an excellent job. But the wood work and the finishing he does is subject to minor precision errors. The laminates which he sticks using adhesives are done with hands and are subject to human errors. The method of application of adhesive to the laminate the method of sticking the laminate, polishing etc are subject to human errors.

In contrast the work done in a factory using machinery ensures precision, even application of adhesive and the press method to ensure the laminate sticks to the Wood is done by machine and kept on for about 24 hours. This ensures a solid bonding between the laminate and the wood and an even bonding. Once the modules have been built in our factory they can be transported and fixed onsite.

Thus the wood built in factory can last much longer than the work done by a carpenter at the site. The difference is precision built machines vs skilled human hands which are subject to minor errors.

We at ArkSquare get all our wood work built in our factory ensuring precision and quality lamination.